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Jeevesh Sabharwal is the founder and director of The Horizon Buildcon. He is a graduate of Western International University in the USA, where he received masters in business administration.


He believes in the vision of his father, Naresh Sabharwal, as a second-generation entrepreneur and carries a legacy of making a significant impact on the lives of employees, creating value for customers and leaving an inspiring legacy for future generations.

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How Solar Energy Can Illuminate the Real Estate Market in India

Jeevesh Sabharwal, Founder and CEO at The Horizon Buildcon puts his view on how solar energy can percolate into the Indian real estate sector and create a win-win situation for both home buyers and builders.

No matter if you live in a metro city in a modern housing apartment, a town or a village, frequent power cuts is quite a story of every household in India. Figures account for a number which is just not sufficient to deal with the power needs of India. India is a large country with an even larger population that uses around 334.40 GW of electricity every year.

For the Environment

zero emissions and zero environmental hazards. It curtails air pollution thereby offering some fresh air.

For cost-cutting

An initial installation of solar power might cost you a few extra pence but it will eventually cut down on your power bills for almost your lifetime

For modern housing

Solar power is cheaper as compared to other power sources. This helps build up the modern housing corridors for many generations to come & enjoy the perks of nature.

For Sustainable Future

It helps to prevent the unnecessary destruction of private lands and other open spaces. It encourages the need for higher density urban spaces

For Water Conservation

It helps to preserve the natural water cycle as it follows the natural hydrological system. The major emphasis of water conservation in green buildings is groundwater recharging and on-site infiltration

For Energy Efficiency

It helps to maximize the use of renewable energy and other low energy resources. It helps to save energy more than those buildings that are built from bricks

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Jeevesh Sabharwal - CEO of Horizon Buildcon
Jeevesh Sabharwal - Founder & CEO of The Horizon

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Jeevesh shares his forte in real estate where his company is making the world a better place by creating contemporary housing and world-class commercial, residential and recreational properties. But that’s not just it; he also exhibits an impressive leadership in international trade across a wide range of product lines like building material and furnishings, liquor, ethnic wear and more.


Jeevesh Sabharwal is based out of New Delhi (India). He also handles Group offices in China and Dubai.

In recent years Jeevesh Sabharwal has created a special identity through his work in the real estate market. He is the founder and CEO of Horizon Buildscon, Jeevesh Sabharwal. Through his company Jeevesh Sabharwal has provided luxury apartments at very affordable prices in Delhi and Mumbai. Today Jeevesh Sabharwal’s company Horizon Buildcon has become another name for trust in the Real Estimate Market.
Horizon Buildcon was founded in 2006 by Jeevesh Sabharwal. His motivation for establishing this company was to provide homes with all the facilities for middle class families in India. Through his company he designed his projects so that he could build very luxurious buildings at a low price. Now he is fulfilling his dream. Now he can provide homes for middle class people at a very low cost. Because of Jeevesh Sabharwal, many people come home and make their dreams come true. People trust Jeevesh Sabharwal very much. Now Horizon Buildcon is becoming synonymous with trust in the real estate market.
It is not that Jeevesh Sabharwal built his business empire in one day. He worked hard for it. Jeevesh Sabharwal likes to take risks. When he returned to India after graduating from Western University in business administration, he began to understand the real estate market system in India. After conducting research in this field, he understood that all the major companies in the region have large buildings in large cities that rob people under the pretext of selling apartments.

Jeevesh Sabharwal - CEO of Horizon Buildcon
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